What is the difference when brewing your coffee with a moka pot vs that of an espresso machine?

Budget isn't a problem. Which one gives a better extract? 😀☕

Shared Question ●a year ago
Nell [Maker] says

An espresso machine can extract a more complex bouquet of flavours from the coffee, compared to a moka pot. Besides budget, you want to consider the learning curve of brewing with an espresso machine

a year ago
VeganWarrior said

I think an espresso will definitely give you a stronger & more flavourful extract, due to the higher bars of pressure applied. The crema on top of an espresso extract is definitely what you miss with a Moka Pot 😁

a year ago
Swahal said

I use an expresso, and I get a nice & creamy extract. Have never used a moka pot

a year ago
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