Is there any specific place to get grind size chart for in microns ? Like a universal so each grinder users can customize according to meeds specially being a home brewer ... Next is about undestanding flavouring notes ? How to learn about the flavouring notes ? Resources and recomendations . Thanks you !

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Nell [Maker] says

Virtually all coffee grinders produce a wider distribution of grounds, from the coarsest to the finest. Even two grinders of the same make and model will have a variable of 200 microns range. Cold Brew - 1,200 Microns and Larger French Press - 1,200 to 1,000 Microns Drip Coffee - 800-600 Microns Moka Pot - 600-400 Microns Espresso - 400-200 Microns Turkish Ibrik - Under 200 Microns Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) has developed a flavour wheel for coffee. It breaks down the flavour nuances from basic (inner circle) to nuanced (outer circle). The best way to understand flavour notes is practise. Try coffees from different estates, roasted by different roasters and across roast profiles (light to dark). Don't forget to sip water between each sip to clean your palatte and experience the flavours fully. This interactive coffee flavour wheel app is easy to use --

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