Pratiksha Gupte

Trying Dragon Stalk Yam & Kakad in Sahyadari mountains during Monsoons

We were traveling through Sahyadari mountain ranges along konkon when we haulted at a local home stay for the night. The owner had cooked a vegetable they called Shevla which is cooked with small green kakad fruit (Dragon Stalk Yam & Kakad ). It was my first time trying the vegetable and it was something else. According to them the vegetable only grows in the monsoon and cannot be cultivated. It is often mixed with non-veg or other had on its own. It has an earthy meaty taste and not everyone likes it since it is an acquired taste, but, is worth trying if you want a glimse into the rare and authentic taste! Some of the health benefits of Shevla bhaaji or dragon stalk yam include restoring the gut bacteria that pollution destroys and boosting immunity and micronutrient (B12, D etc) assimilation.
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