How I became vegan

I've seen a lot of people posting that they have seen Dominion and the other video and that is what turned them to becoming a vegan. This is not going to be some life story. I and my girlfriend tried being vegetarian for a whole month. My younger brother (who was then leaning toward veganism at that time), then sent me a youtube video from this guy, Gary Yourovsky, giving a lecture about veganism. There were two times he wanted to show the suffering of animals, which both times I skipped (after like 10 seconds). He spend a bit of time about the dairy industry, which was one of the videos he wanted to show. I knew right then, if I couldn't even look into the eyes of the animal that was suffering for us, how could I possibly eat anything that would come from any animal? That is the day we turned vegan and have been vegan ever since. No relapse. I don't ever watch videos with the suffering of animals, if it comes on I just turn away. I know why I do it.
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basanti said

I didn't enjoy Dominion, it was very shocking.

a year ago
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