Pratiksha Gupte

Meat was easy to give up, for me it was dairy that was the hardest!

Coming from India, milk is the hardest to give up. You grow up drinking a glass of milk every day, you have panner, kheer, curd! Honestly its hard! I had been a vegeterian ever since I looked into the eyes of my 15 days old dog & fell in love. Being a reader I knew about the exploitations of cow, the pumping of hormones and the starvation of calves. But giving up dairy was so hard. Cheese another hardest sacrifice, it’s an everyday staple, and foods like Parmesan-infused pesto, cheesy paninis, creamy ricotta lasagna, and the always popular pizza make it into my belly more than I’d like to admit. But then I started considering the potential health benefits, not to mention the scarfice of animals. I realized with a little meal prep and a few creative swaps, dairy-free life will becomes effortless. And in my experience, it’s worth it.
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