Read this amazing story about a dog who was allergic to meat! The petowner created a brand for vegan pet food! Intresting article!

Sixteen-year Ruby was not a fussy eater. She had some white mixed into her coat, some silver peeking through at certain angles, but she was still an easygoing puppy at heart for all intents and purposes. Except when it came to food. Extremely allergic to meat and animal-based foods, Ruby would throw up whenever her mum, Saakshi Sharma, tried to incorporate some species-appropriate food into her diet. And then the constant itching would set in and she’d stop eating completely for two or three days. To break this cycle, Saakshi tried various diets and foods, before putting Ruby on a 100% vegan diet. A vegan herself, Saakshi had seen drastic changes in her life ever since she gave up animal-based foods. Once giving up on meat Ruby showed improvement in her condition and after a few days she was completely alright! Read more at:
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