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Do you need a Coffee Carafe: If yes, Glass or Thermal?

Traditionally a carafe is a container made from glass or stainless steel which is used to serve liquids. It comes with a handle for easy pouring and is used to store water, wine, and coffee, among other drinks. Coffee drinkers and brewers use carafes to store coffee after it is brewed. The material of carafes ensures heat retention and the design maximizes the flavor and texture of coffee. If you are a ground coffee lover and you have already invested in a coffee maker, a good carafe serves as insurance. It makes sure your coffee doesn’t turn cold and bitter after a while.

Carafes usually come in two materials:

Thermal Carafes – If you don’t drink coffee right after it is prepared thermal carafes are for you. They keep coffee warm for hours and since they are made from stainless steel they are very durable. Also if you like your coffee with milk and sugar thermal carafes are perfect.

Glass Carafes – Glass carafes are fairly cheap and serve an aesthetic purpose. While they do not maintain the warmth for hours at a time they do preserve flavor. If you are a seasoned connoisseur and focus on hidden notes and flavors, the neutral material of glass ensures that tastes are maintained.


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Why do you need Coffee Carafe?

Coffee carafe

Coffee can be brewed in several ways like Chemex, Moka pot, V60, Aero press, or an espresso coffee maker. But once the coffee is brewed in any of this equipment you need to drink it there are then. But coffee carafes make it possible to store the coffee for a longer period while maintaining the temperature. Based on the material you choose, coffee carafes can keep coffee warm for 3 to 24 hours.  If your coffee maker only brews one cup at a time, a coffee carafe reduces your time spent.

Unlike other carafes, coffee carafes are opaque. They preserve coffee in a secluded manner to enhance the coffee drinking experience. Functions of coffee carafes include:

  1. Shielding coffee from elements as it is not a naturally stable beverage. Coffee carafes prevent oxidation and preserve coffee flavors.
  2. Coffee carafes ensure flavor control by adjusting the vapor pressure trapped inside the carafe, in case of pour-over coffee makers.
  3. Temperature control is perhaps the most useful feature of carafes. Any coffee carafe despite the material will reduce heat transfer, thus keeping coffee warm for a longer duration.
  4. Carafes as mentioned earlier are great for storage, you can brew multiple cups at once and store them in the coffee carafe while entertaining guests or working.

What is a Thermal Coffee Carafe?

Thermal coffee carafe

  • The thermal coffee carafe is made up of stainless steel. It is a double-walled container with a vacuum between the walls, to minimize heat transfer. The coffee poured into a thermal carafe can stay hot for as long as 24 hours. Since there is no re-heating or additional heat source involved, there is no risk of over-extraction.
  • The thermal carafes have stainless steel on the bottom, so they can be used with both hot plates and stoves.

What is a Glass Carafe?

Glass coffee carafe

  • Glass carafes are the traditional carafes that come with many electric coffee makers. They are aesthetic and are found in many households.
  • Glass carafes are a cheaper alternative and they preserve the taste of coffee.

What is best for you, glass or thermal?

Wondering which one is for you? The glass or thermal carafe decision is quite simple if you drink coffee as soon as you brew it and you are a seasoned connoisseur go for a glass carafe.

If you are a parent or someone who brews multiple cups of coffee at once and drinks them for hours, you should choose a thermal carafe. It is expensive, yes, but the thermal carafe is durable.

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