International Coffee Day 2022: Best Recipes to Celebrate With

The diversity, excellence, and enthusiasm of the coffee industry are all celebrated on International Coffee Day. It is a chance for coffee enthusiasts to spread their enthusiasm for the brew and show their support for the numerous farmers whose lives depend on the aromatic commodity. Every year on 1st October the world celebrates the international coffee day. The date was first decided in 2015 by International Coffee Organization and introduced in Milan. The ICO’s 77 Member States as well as several international coffee associations participate in this celebration annually.

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Background of international coffee day

When the first International Coffee Agreement (ICA) went into effect in 1963, the ICO was created. Currently, there are six importing members and 43 exporting members in the ICO, which together account for 67% of global consumption and 98% of global coffee output.

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum first used the phrase “International coffee day” in 2009 during a conference to promote the New Orleans coffee festival.  Many countries celebrate their coffee days individually, however, in 2014 it was decided, that an international day be celebrated. Accordingly, in 2015 international coffee day celebration commenced!

Themes of international coffee day

International coffee day

So that the world can concentrate on a single particular question each year, a new theme is chosen every year. This would give people something to plan around and also make the event much more enjoyable! To lessen the negative environmental effects of the coffee business and to slow down climate change, this year’s theme of the day is dedicated to the prosperity of coffee growers.

Importance of International Coffee Day

The ICO hosts International Coffee Day to promote fair trade of coffee along with spreading awareness about the struggles of coffee growers around the world. It is a way to honor corporate accomplishments, and show gratitude to the farmers who cultivate coffee all around the world.

We frequently fail to recognize the trials and struggles faced by the farmers who tend their crops and choose the best beans to improve the flavor of our coffee. The day also enables coffee industry employees and growers to voice their complaints.

How to celebrate the international coffee day?

International coffee day

Here are some simple celebration ideas to keep in mind.

  • Join our awesome coffee community
  • Documentaries about coffee growing and coffee farmers
  • Learn more about fair trade, shade-grown coffee crops
  • You may not be aware that coffee dates back to the Ethiopian plateau. Many unknown facts about coffee exist that you might not be aware of, learns about them
  • Relax and sample various coffee brews
  • Finally, make your cup of coffee

Classic international coffee day recipes!

Barista’s Cafe Mocha


  • 100% Arabica coffee, hot milk, and chocolate syrup for garnish.


  • Brew espresso whichever way you prefer
  • Garnish using chocolate syrup as a topping


Italian coffee-based desserts include affogato. The preparation of the recipe only requires a few minutes because of how simple it is.


All you need is some freshly made espresso and a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Pour a hot espresso shot over a scoop of vanilla ice cream to watch it melt, or swirl a little and this wonderful delicacy is ready to be eaten.

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