Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home is a quest. It is a passion with no shortcuts. Coffee brewing is an art that takes multiple tries and experimentation to master. Just like the medieval knights who slew monsters to defend the peasants, we’re here to assist you to prevent common coffee brewing blunders.  Welcome to the second part of our Home-Barista series, today we are going to share with you all the tips & tricks Baristas and seasoned home coffee brewers have learned from their own experiences. We have also gathered tips and tricks from two of our #gloo coffee community members. After all, legends learn from other people’s mistakes.

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1: Learn about the Coffee Beans: Tips and tricks for best cup of coffee

It’s crucial to know where your coffee comes from for a good cup of coffee. The acidity, strength, and flavor of coffee are all affected by the growing area. African beans are black and acidic. South American beans are less acidic and have a medium roast. Guatemala coffee is good to start if you’re not sure what sort of coffee to try. Guatemalan coffee is robust in taste while remaining balanced and medium in the roast.

2. Warm up the espresso cup: Tips and tricks for best cup of coffee

Warming the cups before producing a hot espresso drink improves the taste of the coffee. It not only keeps the drink warmer for longer but also improves the whole drinking experience. Before pouring, fill the cup halfway with hot water or heat it with the steam wand.
When brewing espresso, hot cups are especially vital. Without a hot cup to start with, this drink won’t be the same.

3: Invest on a weighing scale: Tips and tricks for best cup of coffee

To make the greatest cup of coffee at home, you must first choose how much coffee you will use. A scale will assist you in achieving the desired strength. Per carafe, baristas measure 180 grams of whole bean coffee. Each carafe yields 12 8-ounce cups. 90 grams of whole bean coffee before grinding and brewing are ideal for a 6-cup automated drip coffeemaker at home.

4. Select a brewing technique: Tips and tricks for best cup of coffee

Not all brewing techniques are suitable for everyone. As a result, you’ll want to pick something that suits your palate for the amazing cup of coffee. An auto-drip is perfect for an even-mild coffee. Meanwhile, if you like a stronger, darker cup, the French Press is ideal. A great pour-over is your buddy if you enjoy a smooth sensation and a simple cup.

5. Keep coffee beans whole! Grind what you need!

Don’t grind the entire bag of coffee beans all at once. Only grind the number of coffee beans you want to use to keep your at-home coffee as fresh as possible. Fresh coffee makes a very good cup of coffee

6. Use good water

Tips and tricks for the best cup of coffee

When it comes to making coffee, the quality of the water is critical. Keep a pitcher of filtered water in the refrigerator and use filtered water to prepare coffee at home

7. Store in a dark & airtight Glass bottle

Tips and tricks for the best cup of coffee

Coffee should be kept in a canister that is protected from the sun once it has been opened. Glass is the most unreactive material available. Using a dark glass bottle that is dry will keep coffee fresh for a long time.

Words of wisdom from #Gloo-Coffee-Community’s experts

To help you make the perfect cup of coffee as helpful as we can, we spoke with two home baristas from our own #Gloo coffee community. Let’s hear what tips and tricks they have to share, in their own words

  • Percy R. Bidari: Barista from #Gloo Coffee Community

Percy cup of coffee

Hello everyone, I am Percy and I am an Ex-Barista and a current Home-Barista. I have an extensive experience with automated brews and I have been an avid latte artist in the past.

Automated brews ( Espresso) are my usual coffee preference but recently, I have had a newfound love for manual brews as well.
My suggestion for a preferable iced drink would be to go for a cold brew or an iced Americano.

Tips and tricks for the best cup of coffee

Here are some tips & tricks I have gathered over the years working as Barista and now as a Home-Barista:-

  1. I would highly recommend the Simonelli coffee machine. Click here to buy Simonelli Coffee Machine
  2. A sign of a good espresso:- A good flow (preferably a honeydew flow), A good coffee puck, and 2-3 mm crema.
  3. When brewing drip coffee always looks for the bloom [Air bubbles(CO2) released] time it perfectly.
  4. I also recommend a grind Size – medium to fine ( Mostly use fine).
  5. Use a gooseneck kettle for the best pour-over coffee results.

Tips and tricks to make cup of coffee

In the end, keep experimenting. Never serve yourself a bad coffee

  • Teito Klien: Home Barista from #Gloo Coffee Community

Hey coffee lovers. I am Teito Klien and I am a Home-Barista and a fanatic coffee lover. It’s my hobby to try and brew the perfect cup of coffee at home.

My favorite coffee brewing method is using a V60. Today, I am sharing with you one interesting tip I have learned.

If you end up trying out a new dark roast and you find it very harsh and bitter, you’re now stuck with a bag full of it. There is no need to give it away or throw it. You can mild it out by mixing it. And this won’t even reduce the caffeine content.

Tips and tricks for the best cup of coffee

  • Use less water in the bloom phase, just enough to get the coffee wet, using more water in the bloom phase leads to harsher coffee.
  • Mix crushed cardamom (small green colored elaichi) seeds into the coffee mix. Use with the filter paper (2 pods worth of crushed seeds/400ml of coffee)
  •  Add a small cinnamon bark to the brewed coffee (just one is fine), don’t use cinnamon powder, it doesn’t work out, and adds too much cinnamon flavor.

All three of them help with reducing the harshness of a bad batch of dark roasted coffee you’re stuck with but have to use.

There you go, you have just ended up making a very pleasant drink!

We hope you would use these tips & tricks to make the perfect cup of coffee at home. Be sure to stick by for the complete Home-Barista series.

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