Customer community & how to drive growth

Customer communities drive value for companies. Communities have the power to combine manager roles and change communications from one-to-one to many-to-many. You can promote product uptake, analyze customer data and comments, improve the customer experience, and streamline communication with the help of a community.

Whether you are launching your first brand community or shaking up your list of strategies, Gloo can heencourageslp you to build a successful community. This article will cover the most important points from the benefits of the customer community, to actionable growth insights.

Looking to build your product? want to re-engage your customers? Scared about the marketing budget?

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How does the customer community benefit you?

1.      You can centralize all of your communication and content through communities

Customer success managers can now reach all of their clients simultaneously in a community. They can replace the ineffective one-to-one strategy by facilitating one-to-many and many-to-many relationships. A community gathers all of that content in one location, whether it be the most recent podcasts, webinars, product education resources, or product updates from your business. Your clients can better comprehend how to use your products and services if all of your content is conveniently located in one place. Your clients will get greater value from your business and be less inclined to leave if they have a deeper grasp of your services.

2.      Customer community opens door to assistance

Everyone in life requires a support system, especially if they’re trying out a new good or service. Your more recent clients might seek guidance and need more in-depth product assistance. By organically bringing together new and seasoned consumers, communities provide the opportunity to enhance the customer support process. Experienced users can assume significant community mentorship positions in a worldwide community. You’ll observe community members responding to queries, starting conversations, and assuming leadership positions. This is a terrific approach to offer first-rate customer care at a fraction of the cost because it can be highly expensive to provide customer support, especially for smaller businesses.

3.      A community is a goldmine of customer information.

A community is a location to gather opinions, statistics, and data about how well your goods, services, and customer success initiatives are working. By examining community discussions, managers can gain a sense of customer happiness and friction spots. Communities shed light on customer health, enabling customer success managers to identify areas where intervention may be necessary to enhance a customer’s experience. A user can receive one-on-one support from CS managers if they have posted that they need it or if their participation or engagement has decreased. Communities give CS managers the resources and knowledge they require to guarantee customer satisfaction so they can renew customers more quickly.

4.      Customer community encourage product variations.

Additionally, communities provide a chance to assess product uptake and find product inspiration. Don’t be scared to collaborate with your community to develop features. Communities may provide a wealth of information on how your customers use your products if you know how to ask for them. To help other users understand the significance of essential features, community managers might encourage users to contribute their own opinions about products.

5.      The value proposition is higher in communities.

Your community is much more than just another location to promote the goods sold by your business. It offers members of your community new contacts, client assistance, product expertise, job advancement, and much more value than you can foresee. More value from your business will encourage customers to stick around and support the ecosystem. A carefully designed community lays the groundwork for enduring, sustained client loyalty.

So, how do you fuel this customer community-led growth?

Customer community

Community-led growth is great, but how do you propel your community to thrive? And most importantly, how exactly do you help your brand to grow with help of your community? Here is a strategy for launching community-driven growth in five steps. However be cautioned, that it might take six to 18 months to build a thriving community.

Phase 1: Establish the persona of your community member.

What purpose is your community being built for? Community builders will completely comprehend the goal of their community once they have identified their ideal members. To investigate social media platforms, subreddits, slack channels, and discord channels to discover what kind of content and discussions are being held. Then, give back to such communities and create something valuable without trying to sell your community or your goods. Start with a small group when you finally launch your brand community. In the long run, it can be beneficial to establish personal relationships with each member.

Phase 2: Create value for your community members

This may seem simple but it extends beyond providing valuable information about your brand or product. Here are some really simple things you can do to create value.

  1. Personally welcome them in the community; it might be a simple hello welcome message or introducing them to the other community members.
  2. Acknowledging and trying to organically drive comments and messages from community members is necessary. This helps them feel like they are a part of a thriving group instead of being in a dead silent place.
  • Ask your community what they would like to know more about, and generate relevant content.
  1. Establish clear leadership. Not in a strict tyrannical way but in a secure way. Let the community member know who to contact in case of misdemeanors. This tells them they are looked after.

Phase 3: Encourage the members to connect

Ensuring that your members have a platform to talk to each other is necessary. This will help foster a sense of great connections. And it will create a strong community. Design your brand platforms in such a way that your members have ways to connect.

Phase 4: Driving participation

Initially, you will need to work hard to encourage members to post. DM them and ask if they are comfortable posting. Additionally, have a place where they can post their content in an organized fashion. Apart from that you also need to celebrate your super users or as we call them amazing patrons. At Gloo we feature our most active community members as a way to encourage them.  Govern and moderate your community as told earlier but make sure that you grant them enough space to organize their events. Allow your members the freedom to be themselves, but obviously, do not tolerate any inappropriate behavior.

Looking to build your product? want to re-engage your customers? Scared about the marketing budget?

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