Why you need an online Brand Community Today!

Brands can & should use a brand community as a potent tool to maintain and expand their devoted fan bases. They are excellent for improving leads conversions, and advocacy as well as customer retention and satisfaction.

One of the most effective strategies a business can utiliseutilizeutilise utilize today is to build a community around its brand. An effective marketing technique for a brand is having a following that increases client loyalty, audience building, and long-term social interactions. Here are some benefits of creating a community in case you’re still unsure what that implies, allow us to demonstrate:

Topics covered:

  • What is a brand community?
  • Benefits of a brand community
  • Brand community examples
  • Build your business-driving engine

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A Brand Community: What Is It?

A brand community is essentially a group of individuals who identify with your brand and use it as a forum or backdrop for discussion and content creation. Ideally, these individuals are your customers or members of your target market.

55% of consumers want brands to help connect like-minded people, and 52% say they could be encouraged to join a brand community.

Benefits of a brand community

Building brand community

A brand produces a product for newborns. They have a website where you may find details and pictures of their products. However, the rivalry develops a global digital marketing strategy and comes up with:

  • A website that caters to its target audience.
  • A forum where mothers and fathers can talk about common issues online.
  • A blog.
  • Social media posts, messages, updates, contests, prizes, and advertisements for their baby care goods.

Which one was the most successful online, is that not clear? The first created its website with the sole intent of being present on the network, whereas the second created a community for its users.

1. It naturally enhances SEO

Your SEO will increase if you have a community that interacts with one another and produces content for your company. Search engines will position each article or publication better the more it is shared and circulated via the network.

2. Increases website traffic

Users will probably frequent your blog and social media sites more frequently than your business website. Knowing this will enable you to create traffic for your website and improve its positioning.

However, without your community, people are more likely to visit your website sparingly and simply to look up information. This makes the website for your business obsolete.

3. You gain customer loyalty

There will be a high level of adherence and visitors will start to associate with the brand. Some members even take on the role of brand ambassadors, sharing their perks on social media. The ideal situation is to have a small number of highly engaged followers. People who are with you will always be like this. Additionally, they will enhance the worth of your goods, have confidence in you, and spread the word about what you do to their network of friends.

4. You’ll increase brand recognition

Your brand will spread more widely the larger your community is. There will be more discussion about it, and even more, people will be curious about what you do. This is your chance to meet new or potential customers. Your increased visibility gives you the chance to meet new people. You ought to benefit from

Brand community examples

#1. Apple

There are several reasons why Apple is one of the leading names in consumer electronics. Customers chose them for reasons other than only quality, innovation, and support, although their products are frequently far more expensive than those of their rivals. iPhones and MacBooks are an integral part of many Apple users’ identities. Beyond providing peer-to-peer support, the Apple Support Community also gives fans a place to hang out and exchange stories.

#2. Harley Davidson

For more than a century, Harley-DavidsonDavidson has been one of the most popular motorcycle companies in the world. In hundreds of nations and territories, it has given rise to both official and unofficial owners’ clubs and has come to represent freedom and high-intensity adventure. The Harley Owners Club was established by the company, a lifestyle icon in its own right, as a method to unite fans and plan events and gatherings throughout the world. Since then, it has developed into one of the most well-known online forums for drivers.

#3. Airbnb

In 2007, two ex-schoolmates founded Airbnb, which has since expanded into a multi-billion dollar business that caters to the global lodging market. The brand’s online community center, whose membership is open to verified hosts, is one of the key factors in its phenomenal success. The Airbnb host community serves as a social, knowledge, and support platform that enables users to exchange advice, connect with other hosts nearby, and plan neighborhood events.

Building an online brand community is an investment worth making

Today’s top brands know that is difficult, if not, impossible to compete on price, selection, or advertising muscle like it was in the past. They know there will always be another brand willing to lose more on the sale or spend more for that impression. That’s why they focus on building an online brand community that cannot be replicated by the competition.

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