Cafe Mocha: Everything you need to know about

Rich and indulgent, dark chocolate coffee is the ideal comfort food to enjoy after dinner or when curled up with a book. If you ask devoted baristas which two flavors they love pairing the most, they’ll probably say “chocolate and coffee. Cafe mocha is a mixture of espresso, milk, and chocolate and it is already the second most popular drink after the latte. 7 July is world chocolate day and we decided to talk with our #GLOO coffee community to learn some great insights on the darling duo, aka coffee & chocolate! Read on for an easy cafe mocha recipe!

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How is a mocha prepared?

Meticulous layers add up together, to create caffè mocha. It’s a drink balanced on the tip of an edge with coffee and chocolate fusing. Although the two pair together quite seamlessly, they do affect the taste profile greatly. As a result, various forms of chocolate like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate change the flavor of the drink. Moreover, different forms of chocolate such as chocolate syrup, melted chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate powder, and solid chocolate, each change the texture and offer subtle variations.

Even the way a mocha coffee is made varies across baristas. Most, frequently take two shots of espresso and add molten chocolate into the coffee. Now to this, they add twice the amount of steaming hot milk. Cafe mocha is an espresso beverage, however, unlike other espresso beverages, it doesn’t usually include crema and the milk foam is also optional.

What are the ideal coffee and chocolate combinations for cafe mocha?

Chocolate and coffee come in a huge variety of flavors. However, according to our #Gloocoffee community, coffees with strong nutty tastes go better with milk chocolate, coffees with floral undertones go better with light chocolate, and dark-roasted coffees go best with dark chocolate.

What are the varieties found in coffee and chocolate beverages?

  • Caffè mocha: The espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate beverage we’ve been talking about is caffè mocha.
  • Mocha coffee: Mochacoffe is mocha in essence, but with coffee rather than espresso.
  • White Mocha: White chocolate is used to make white mochas instead of milk or dark chocolate. Typically, it’s a tiny bit less bitter and lighter.
  • Mochaccino: A mochaccino is a cappuccino that has been enhanced with chocolate. Compared to caffè mocha, it contains less milk and more microform.

How to Make Cafe Mocha at Home?

If you have an espresso machine, making your mocha is pretty easy, but mocha can be made with other brewing methods quite easily, too. It’s a fun and enjoyable task we are sure you will love doing.


Good espresso is the secret to a great cafe mocha. As a result, an easy-to-use Nespresso machine will come close to replicating the intensity or complexity you receive from an espresso machine.

Large quantities of rich, deliciously brewed coffee may be produced with a French press, making it a wonderful option if you’re creating mochas for a party. Even while AeroPress produces a mellower coffee, you can still make a fantastic mocha with it, if you’re not a perfectionist.

You can also create excellent mochas with an old drip coffee maker. Simply make the strongest possible cup of coffee (a dark or French roast is the best type of coffee to use). The coffee will be stronger and the mochas will taste better if less water is used than normal.

  1. MILK

Since steamed milk is rarely needed to produce mochas, this is simpler than other coffee beverages. If you’d like, you may mix the milk, or just shake it vigorously in a jar. Five seconds in the microwave also works.


Simple options like chocolate cocoa powder and chocolate syrup are available, but adding flakes of chocolate or chocolate chips to your espresso can result in a deeper mocha. You may also use unsweetened cocoa powder, although it might need some sugar to make it taste good. Whether you prefer dark, milk, or white chocolate, you are in for a treat no matter!

Cafe Mocha Recipe:

It’s very easy to make this cafe mocha recipe.

Step 1: Melt the bittersweet chocolate.

Take a pan and put some dark chocolate cubes in it. Add cocoa powder once the chocolate cubes have begun to melt. Mix them well.

Step 2: Mix the mixture until the melted chocolate and cocoa powder have been well combined. Add heavy cream and two coffee shots to it. After 3–4 minutes of simmering you should get a smooth, thick mixture.

Step 3: Add 1 tablespoon of honey to the mixture, if you want some extra sweetness, before adding it to the cups of your choosing. Accompany it with warm biscuits.

GLOO community Tips:

You may use milk and coffee powder in place of coffee shots.

Additionally, do not add sugar directly to the chocolates. Instead, you may boil coffee with sugar or stevia if you want it to be just a little bit sweet.

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