Flavored coffee or Coffee Flavors: The Best Guide

If you are a coffee lover or if you buy online, you see the Flavored-coffee adverts daily. Many companies sell with additional notes of caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut to stand out. So what are these flavors? And is there any difference between the flavored coffee and coffee flavors? Yes, there is a huge difference between the one you get online and delicate innate notes. In this guide, we are going to answer both these questions.

What is the difference between Flavored coffee and Coffee flavors?

Flavored coffee or coffee flavor

First of all, the flavors which you get under the label of flavored coffee are nothing but artificial essence or oils added to a coffee bean. There are a bunch of ways to integrate a flavor into the coffee. However, all these added flavors are quite intense.

Secondly, the coffee flavors which the specialty coffee drinkers and baristas talk about are not the added flavors. They are the natural coffee undertones that develop in a bean. Coffee flavors are these delicate aromas and flavors which alleviate the drinking experience. They are quite similar to smell and taste variations found in different types of mangoes or bananas. Coffee flavors are influenced by the type of coffee beans, climate, geographical location, and soil. If you want to opt for purchasing a specialty coffee that has a particular coffee flavor, there is no need to hesitate. You can buy it knowing it would taste delicious unless, of course, you don’t like that particular flavor.

Since we are writing the Best Guide – Flavored coffee or Coffee Flavored, it is imperative to say that flavored coffee is necessarily an awful brew. Depending on the flavoring agents, methods of flavoring, and your taste pallet they can be very delicious.

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How do distinguish between the two?

  • Flavored coffee beans are shiny, with a glossy finish from the flavoring oils.
  • Flavored coffee tastes the same throughout the drink.
  • Acidity and brightness of the cup also signal a natural coffee flavor. Coffee with lots of acidities is usually a light roast. It is the coffee that preserves most of the natural ‘coffee flavors’.
  • If flavors mention nutty, fruity, or floral flavors, essentially anything vague is most probably a coffee flavor. Flavored coffees have specific flavors like vanilla flavored coffee, lavender flavored, etc.

How are the flavored coffees made?

Flavored Coffee making

The flavored coffee-making process is quite straightforward. They keep the coffee beans with the flavoring agents to infuse the aromas together. Cinnamon, Star anise, cardamom, and vanilla beans are usually kept with the coffee beans for a long time for the flavors to mix. When you open the container you will get a strong smell of both. Sometimes artificial flavoring essence and scenting oils are rubbed on the beans which make the beans shine.

What to look for when buying-Flavored-coffee or Coffee-Flavors?

There is nothing that screams evil when you are buying flavored coffee, honestly. But do watch out if the barista or the company is selling the flavored coffee cheaper than the regular coffee. Because flavored coffee is made from old or cracked coffee beans. Usually, the added essence or aroma masks the original taste of stale coffee beans.

Does the flavoring add or subtract anything healthy?

Artificially added flavors do nothing to the nutrient contents in a coffee. Exactly like regular coffee, flavored coffee has 2 calories. The added oils are in a very small quantity and they do not dabble with any nutrients in the coffee.

Bottom Line Flavored-coffee or Coffee-Flavors:

  • There is a difference between the flavored coffee and the coffee flavors
  • Natural coffee flavors are subtle and mentioned as floral, nutty, or fruity
  • Flavored coffee is direct, like hazelnut, blueberry, caramel
  • It is quite delicious and best when consumed with milk

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