Sustainable Coffee – Everything you need to know!

Your morning cup of coffee comes with a lot of baggage! If you know about the #Gloo community, you know we are a community of enthusiastic coffee drinkers and brewers. We know that a lot goes on behind our early morning cup of coffee. In the year 2021, 166.63 million kilograms of coffee bags were consumed worldwide. Everything we mass consume leaves a bad impact on the environment, especially coffee.  Since coffee is one of the prime causes of deforestation. Being part of a responsible community, we are starting with a 3 article series on sustainable coffee. This initiative is carried on for ‘The World Environment Day 2022’. We are going to cover sustainable coffee cultivation, fair trade which is inclusive to small cultivators,and finally sustainable packaging and reuse of the used coffee beans. So stay tuned!

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 What is Sustainable coffee?

Sustainable coffee

Coffee which is grown and marketed for its sustainability is sustainable. To get certified as sustainable, the coffee manufacturers and traders have to be verified on various parameters. Some of these include fair trade practices, rain forest alliance, bird habitat conversation, and cultivation impact amongst others.

In short, when coffee is cultivated and sold in an environment friendly way, it is called sustainable coffee. This coffee does not impact the environment and supports farmers.

Why do we need Sustainable coffee?


Environment Sustainable coffee

Environment Sustainable coffee

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  • Coffee has a carbon footprint of 152,000 tonnes per year.
  • Using coffee filters is also wasteful for the environment. For instance, we use filters only once and then discard them. Thus this is an inefficient use of resources.
  • The coffee pods are also producing a lot of waste. Because the empty shells of coffee pods are not recyclable.
  • Cultivating coffee on slopes and hills is a lead cause of deforestation.
  • Multiple bird species have gone into extinction since commercial coffee cultivation began.
  • The farmers who grow coffee earn dimes in comparison to the roasters and the MNCs who sell the coffee.
  • Declining climate conditions in the bean belt are hurting coffee production. And the very reason for these declining climate conditions is coffee production!

What is the best green way to brew coffee?

A cold brew is the most environmentally friendly technique for making coffee. Cold brew coffee is made by brewing coffee beans in a reusable filter, net, or cloth using no energy and a reusable filter.

Who are sustainable coffee Makers?

  • The Rainforest Alliance certification makes sure the coffee is being produced in an environmentally friendly way. As a result, it makes sure that the farmers/companies are working to create a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. List of Rainforest Alliance certified coffee makers
  • Fairtrade policy makes sure that producers receive fair prices for their outstanding products. List of Fairtrade coffee makers
  • Smithsonian’s bird-friendly coffee label ensures that the coffee makers are not destroying bird habitats but protecting them. Smithsonian’s Bird-friendly coffee
  • UTZ CERTIFIED’s mission is to achieve sustainable agricultural supply chains, where producers are professionals
    implementing good practices which enable better businesses, livelihood,  and environments. List of UTZ certified coffee makers

What can you do right now?

  • Buy from sustainable coffee brands
  • Support local coffee with paper packaging
  • Use reusable filters
  • Minimize the use of coffee pods
  • Be aware of the electrical consumption of your coffee machine
  • Try to reuse the used beans as fertilizers, face masks, insect repellents, and eye treatments.

In the end, I would like to thank you for CARING! I know it can get heavy, but your little efforts will save the environment and coffee! Keep an eye out for the next post in the sustainable coffee series. And join our passionate coffee community today!

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