Indian National Aeropress Championship 2022

The AeroPress Championship aims to identify the best cup of AeroPress coffee ever made.

Every season includes regional and national events organized independently by hosts in 60 nations and concludes with the World AeroPress Championship final. India has already begun hosting the 2022 AeroPress Championship!

The tasting cups are marked with the numbers of the competitors to determine the winners of each round. The judges point fingers simultaneously and blindly choose one cup. The cup with the most votes wins. The championship’s primary goal is to unite coffee enthusiasts in a fun setting.

The 2022 World AeroPress Championship finals will be placed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from December 1 to December 3, and the national AeroPress champion will have a chance of participating there.

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Where: Currently in Hyderabad -12th August 2022

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(Compiled by GLOO)

17th August 2022 Bengaluru Mannheim Coffee
19th August 2022 Delhi NCR Colocal, Delhi
23rd August 2022 Kolkata Road Roastery Coffee House
29th August 2022 Lucknow Roastery Coffee House
31st August 2022 Ahembdabad Roastery Cultúr
8th September 2022 Jaipur Road Roastery Coffee House
10th September 2022 Surat Livestream Coffee
17th September 2022 Mumbai Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters
18th September 2022 Bhopal Cafe Handcrafted
20th September 2022 Nagpur Road Three Beans Coffee & Eatery
22nd September 2022 Goa HMBL Coffee House, Morjim
25th September 2022 Indore Road Siolim
26th September 2022 Chennai Round SOROCO Cafe
30th September 2022 Chandigarh Road KALI Coffee


Rules for National Aeropress Championship

  1. Recipe: Competitors must prepare a personal AeroPress recipe with the competition coffee received. Ground coffee and water are the only ingredients allowed. Competitors may use a maximum of 18g of roasted coffee in their recipe.
  2. Coffee: The Regional Coordinators will guarantee that all registered competitors receive a sample of 250 grams of the competition coffee 10 days before the celebration of the corresponding Regional Championship. The coffee received will be the same as that received by competitors on the day of the competition.
  3. Drink: All competitors have 5 minutes to run their AeroPress recipe and serve a final drink of at least 150 milliliters to the judges. The final drink must be served in a tasting cup provided by the organization within this time. It is not allowed to add any ingredients. Serving less than 150 milliliters of drink or doing it outside the established time, will mean automatic disqualification. The coffee served to the judges should be warm/hot.
  4. Equipment: The brewer used must be a genuine AeroPress. No other brewer may be used in the drink preparation. Competitors may use their equipment to be responsible for its installation and removal. Modifying the original design of the AeroPress is not permitted. The organization will guarantee that on the day of the competition, the competitors have access to one professional grinder; temperature adjustable kettles; filtered water; and tasting cups for the competition.

Note: AeroPress, filters, scales, servers, tasting spoons, and all optional preparation instruments must be brought by the competitors themselves.

Reference: Aeropress Website

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