C for coffee, India’s first ever coffee documentary!

10th August 2022 marked the screening of India’s first-ever coffee Documentary called ‘C for coffee’!

Binny Varghese, aka Barista on Bike, a barista trainer with ties to the coffee industry, produced India’s first ever coffee documentary on the specialty Indian coffee scene. Pratik Dey Chowdhury, a free-lance photographer, is the cinematographer for C for coffee. The VIP screening was held at the Noida location of Saltoro Coffee Roasters’ artisanal cafe and roastery. They are also the host of the FIRST EVER Gloo Coffee Club Meet-up! Read on to know more!

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C for Coffee

Img Src: Saltoro Coffee Instagram

Following the two-and-a-half-hour-long private screening, Binny Varghese and Natansh Bhayana, the creator and roaster of Saltoro, had a brief conversation with all the coffee enthusiasts. A Q&A session with both of them followed this, which provided an in-depth look at the Indian coffee market and what’s brewing there.

India's first ever coffee documentary

Img Src: Saltoro Coffee Instagram

The global Indian Specialty Coffee Scene is flourishing, hence this is the perfect time!

This film explores the vitality that coffee offers to the modest but rapidly expanding group of Indian specialty coffee drinkers throughout the Subcontinent. It is cultural, organic, scientific, and creative while also transforming on an emotional, intellectual, and cultural level. It follows Binny, a barista, as he travels alone by bike across two countries, covering more than 15000 km, 100 days, and more than 50 places, where he discovers the unique COFFEE culture.

“I am really looking forward for everyone to watch the movie, both from within the country and outside. It shows a bit of what is it like in the Specialty Coffee Scene in India. I have a feeling that if you like coffee, you’d love to see this movie, and know a bit more about what people in this community have to say about it. “

– Binny Varghese, aka Barista on Bike.

“Café owners, coffee planters, roasters, consumers – we spoke to numerous people about what coffee means to them, what role it plays in their lives, and more. Different aspects of coffee were explored, from planting and roasting to selling it, as well as the role cafés play. We asked about 10-15 people the same questions. The idea was to know how things differ person to person – as individuals they have varied opinions as to how coffee affects their lives and livelihood.”

-Pratik Dey Chowdhury

A formal series of coffee events, including classes on the art of cultivating, processing, roasting, and brewing specialized cups of Indian coffee beans, will kick off after the coffee documentary at Saltoro Coffee. We are excited to let you know that they are also the host of #Gloo coffee club’s FIRST EVER COFFEE MEET-UP!

Date: 12 PM on the 14th of August 2022 at Saltoro

Event: Gloo Coffee Club Meet-up

Join Now!

The owner, also a proud member of the Gloo coffee club has planned a range of activities around the art of coffee brewing. Patrons will be participating in various activities related to COFFEE like learning the art of pouring. So do check them out!

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