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Picopresso – Everything you need to know!

Espresso is a rich and luscious beverage that is one of humanity’s finest inventions. It is dark and often brewed in a pricey espresso machine. A very concentrated mixture is brewed by passing hot water through a bed of finely ground dark roasted coffee beans. Espresso was invented in the early twentieth century by an Italian businessman called Luigi Bezzera.  He desired a speedier way to prepare coffee. In Italian, espresso means “quick,” and Bezzera’s first machine produced 1,000 serves in an hour. The superior form of the espresso machine was invented by an Italian called Achille Gaggia, who doubled steam brewing pressures to provide a far smoother taste profile and crema Caffe naturale — the wonderful reddish-brown froth that hovers above correctly prepared espresso.

How did the Picopresso come into being?

Commercial espresso machines today are really expensive. Home espresso brewing equipment as compared to the commercial ones are smaller and less costly. The true challenge has been creating a portable espresso machine, which is exactly what the company called Wacaco has taken on. With mobility in mind, Nanopresso and Minipresso were created.

The key difference between the Nanopresso and the Minipresso is that the Nanopresso is a more advanced version of the portable coffee-making equipment. In addition, the Nanopresso is smaller than the Minipresso. It is significantly lighter and exerts more pressure on the coffee beans. Cleaning the Nanopresso is easier than cleaning the Minipresso. Picopresso is the company’s third and most successful portable espresso system. And this is our guide on Picopresso – Everything you need to know!

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What is Picopresso?

Picopresso-Everything you need to know!

Picopresso – Everything you need to know! Lets start, it is the smallest and most professional portable espresso maker. It has a creamy espresso streaming directly from a normal 52mm 18 grams stainless steel filter basket throughout the brewing process with this specialty coffee espresso machine’s naked portafilter. There are no shortcuts with the Picopresso.

It comes with a strong stainless steel tamper, a metal funnel ring, and a “distribution tool.” A cleaning brush, a spoon, and a leather case are all included. According to the reviewers, it is indeed portable but is very heavy to carry. It is excellent to carry on a road trip or air trip but it is too heavy for a backpacking trip.

Is it Easy to Use?

Picopresso requires dedication because it is a 23-step procedure. If you want outstanding home espresso, you’ll have to follow the methods step by step; there are no shortcuts. The product description includes caution. “Each homebrewer must learn the art of manual espresso production by dialing in the right grind size, tamping, and mastering pulling technique — their reward will be an authentic cafe-quality espresso that will match any pricey high-end machine,” the description claims.

What’s the Cost?

According to Amazon. in, it costs around 11,500 rupees. There are cheaper coffee makers on the market but Picopresso brews the best home-brewed coffee.  It tops most of the home countertop machines and comes with a 2-year warranty.

You can Buy Picopresso on Amazon Here.

Is the Picopresso a legitimate espresso machine?

Picopresso - Everything you need to know

It is. The roast, grind, and brew are the primary distinctions between coffee and espresso. The roast is often longer and darker than drip coffee, the grind is significantly finer, and the brew is done under pressure. It’s up to you to find and grind the correct beans, and the Picopresso uses nine to twelve bars of pressure to pump water through the coffee bed, with a maximum of 18 bars (261 PSI).

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