#Glooclub’s first-ever coffee giveaway!

Hello, my favorite coffee heads and caffeine lovers! I hope you are strong and not latte through the day, get the joke? Amazing jokes apart, do you think you are creative? Do you love imagining and playing with words to come up with the catchy term? Do you love your coffee? 

If your answers are yes, yes & yes, I have the best story to tell you all. 

#GlooClub ran its first-ever coffee giveaway!

It wasn’t just a lucky draw giveaway either; it was a coffee lovers’ dream come true contest giveaway. 

What was the contest you ask? It was to Name a coffee drink! The name with the maximum votes wins. Cool right? 

How many times have we watched “How I met your mother” and thought about naming a drink as Robin did? How many times did we sit in a café and think about a really cool alternative name for our favorite drink?

The competition was held on the exclusive Gloo coffee community’s telegram channel. The Top 3 voted names are going to win FREE exclusive coffee swag + Gloo merchandise: rocket 

Runner ups get cool stuff as well: star2

The competition ran for a week.

Don’t get disheartened though, this is just one fun contest in a series of activities, giveaways, and competitions. 

Stop procrastinating! Join our coffee community now!

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Look at this cold brew coffee + orange juice shared by the #Gloo Community

Gloo Competition Giveaway

Now go WILD, put on your creativity wings and give us a kickass name for this coffee drink :tropical_drink:.

Send your entry on the Bakwaas Coffee telegram group on: https://t.me/gloocoffee

Top 3 voted names will WIN free exclusive coffee swag + Gloo merchandise: rocket

Runners up get cool stuff as well:star2

How to vote?

Double tap on entries you love! You’ll see a small: +1: or use any other response emoji when you tap on a message alone (have to use Telegram for this and not Telegram X)

PS : Want to win?:wink: Get only your coffee lover friends to join and vote for your entries

Did you love the idea of our first-ever coffee giveaway? Do join the exclusive community for more.

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