The Best Ways Of Storing Coffee

You’ve just arrived home after a hard day on a rainy day. Thoughts of a warm, wonderful cup of coffee kept you going. There are a few things worse than preparing yourself a cup of coffee, then discovering the coffee seems to be off. The flavor is no longer as strong. As a result, you’re left with a poor cup of coffee and no substitute. Knowing how to store ground coffee is no rocket science.
Continue reading if you want to learn the best ways of storing coffee beans.

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Quick tips for Storing Ground Coffee

  • Stay away from the fridge.
  • On the packaging, look for dates.
  • In an airtight container, seal the grounds.
  • Roast in small batches.
  • The coffee grounds should be kept dry.
  • Within one month, use the grounds.
  • Delay grinding.

How to store ground coffee?

How to store coffee according to James Hoffmann

Keep coffee beans in a dry, dark place, sealed. Storing your coffee beans at room temperature in an opaque, airtight container to keep their freshly roasted flavor for as long as possible, is smart. Although coffee beans can look attractive, stay away from clear canisters since they can cause your coffee’s flavor to suffer. If possible buy green coffee beans and roast them only worth a week of consumption. Best ways of roasting coffee beans at home

How long do vacuum-sealed coffee beans last?

Whole roasted coffee beans in vacuum-packed bags typically have a shelf life of about six months. After this, the flavor starts to change in a significant way. However, vacuum-packed beans’ flavor will start to diminish after just two weeks.
The retail packaging for coffee is typically not the best for long-term storage. Whenever feasible, prefer storing coffee in an airtight storage container.

Purchase only enough

Almost immediately after roasting, coffee starts to lose its freshness. Try to purchase coffee that will last one or two weeks in smaller, more frequent quantities that are freshly roasted.

Grind fresh to brew

Grinding exposes a large surface area of coffee beans to oxygen, thus speeding up the processes of oxygenation. Because of this grinding beans in bulk is not feasible for long-term storage. Instead grind only what you need to brew. Best Coffee Grinder Recommendations 

Is it advisable, to store coffee beans in freezer?

It is advisable to avoid freezing or chilling coffee beans that you intend to use within the next few weeks because doing so could expose them to moisture and odors from other foods. Instead, keep coffee beans in an opaque, airtight container and keep them away from the stove or other heat sources in a dark, cool area.

Still, want to store coffee in the freezer?

Coffee beans cannot be kept fresher for a longer period of time in the freezer. Coffee beans should be stored correctly if you must freeze them. If you don’t store them properly, freezer burn could damage them.

6 Best Coffee Storage Containers

  1. Coffee Gator Storage Canister.

how to store coffee beans

     2. Friis Coffee Vault

Coffee storage

3. Hazel stainless steel container

4. Planetary Design Airscape 

How to store coffee

5. Tightvac Coffeevac 

How to store coffee beans

6. Fellow Atmos

Coffee store

Now you know how and where to store your coffee beans to ensure they stay fresh for a long time. Do tell us what you think and how you store your coffee in the comments below.

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