Top Coffee classes and Barista training centers in India

Do you consider yourself a coffee expert? Does caffeine drag you to work every day??
There are many ways to learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee. And you can experiment, by reading online or watching YouTube videos. However, if you want a more hands-on experience, there are professional coffee-making courses & barista training classes that you can choose from. Whether you plan on pursuing a career as a professional barista or want to experience the joy of coffee brewing, this article is for you!

In India, there are many institutions that offer barista training. As a result you can choose from variety of professional coffee-making courses.

Course fees: 1500 – 24,000 INR

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Why take up barista training & coffee class in India?

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India’s is an emerging coffee hub. And the coffee prospects in India are expanding. Thus the future years hold a significant market expansion and rapid increase in growth.
Additionally, the coffee connoisseurs in India are experts. Because they can always tell the difference between an amateur and a trained brewer when it comes to espresso. Numerous Indian coffee companies, including Barista, are expanding their businesses into numerous new areas.  Therefore the nation holds multiple opportunities when it comes to coffee.

How much do barista classes cost in India?

In India, barista classes can cost from 1000 INR to 24000 INR. This depends on number of factors, including credentials provided (workshop, certificate course, diploma, degree), intensity of the training, job prospects after completion of the class etc.

How long do barista classes last in India?

A single barista training lesson typically lasts between 2 / 3 hours per session. Depending on the class’s specialization, the duration may vary. Firstly, this depends on credentials and degrees offered. Secondly, the results you anticipate from training have an impact on number of sessions and durations.

Can I get a job after completing barista training?

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Once, you complete the barista training courses in India there are various options to choose from. Here are a few you can choose from:

  • Become a barista at a coffee shop.
  • Open a coffee store on your own.
  • Instruct those who want to become baristas.

What are India’s top barista training centers and coffee classes?

In India, there are many coffee schools that offer barista training. And here is the list of Top Coffee classes/ Barista training centers:

1. Kaapi Machines India Pvt. Ltd, ​Bengaluru, Karnataka​.

Kaapi Machines offers intensive barista and espresso training. So this course is perfect for new café owners, café workers, coffee connoisseurs, baristas, and anybody looking to learn the craft of brewing. They also have hands-on training and knowledgeable instructors. As a result you will learn about brewing techniques, latte art, coffee flair, and much more. Click here.

2. Kaapi Shastra, coffee class by the coffee board of India​.

Coffee Board of India offers excellent educational opportunities. Firstly the course is useful for coffee roasters, staff members of hotels, restaurants, and cafeterias. Secondly you can also become institutional caterers, and business owners, if you want to step in retail coffee sale. The core faculty will consist of quality coffee experts and guest speakers from the coffee board. Click here to register. 
Fee for course: 1000 INR to15,000 INR plus GST
Timeframe: 5 days

3. Specialty coffee academy, coffee class Bengaluru India.

Specialty coffee academy has multiple courses. For instance manual brewing and intensive crop to cup workshop. They are a coffee academy with multiple prestigious alumina. For instance, they have been involved in sessions at IBM, Google and many more. Above all the academy reaches out to the students to learn their needs. After that, they customize the sessions based on your requirements. Click here

4. American Hospitality Academy, coffee class Kolkata.

This academy located in Kolkata, is the first AHA-accredited coffee training school in India. Hence it offers various unique skills. As a result the courses are skill-oriented, with brief barista and coffee art training. Because they train students to attain excellence in coffee training, the students have great job opportunities. Click here. 

5. Blue Tokai Coffee, ​coffee class Mumbai, Maharashtra​.

Blue Tokai Coffee has a range of classes to suit all skill and interest levels. If you have never brewed a cup of coffee before or are getting used to manual brewing equipment, we recommend signing up for Coffee Brewing 101 sessions! Click here.

6. The Lavazza coffee class, Tamil Nadu.

For more than 25 years, the Lavazza Training Center has worked to advance coffee culture. They do this by developing skilled professionals, ideating the ideal espresso, and exploring novel tastes. Click here.

7. Araku Coffee Academy, coffee class Bangalore.

ARAKU World Specialty Coffee Academy (AWSCA) has SCA Certified courses. Similarly, there are coffee classes at Araku Coffee, Bangalore. There are multiple classes and centers you can choose from. Click here.

8. Barista Caffe academy, coffee class, Thane.

Barista academy

The barista academy courses are for working baristas looking to polish skills, and home coffee enthusiasts alike. Above all they outfit their training centers with state-of-the-art espresso machines. In addition, the brewing equipments simulate a real-life café environment – making learning easy. Click here.

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