Best community building secrets 101

Make your customers Hero! Your customer is not a damsel in distress. If you have studied marketing, you must be aware of the key marketing mantras, namely “know your customer” and “identify what problem your brand addresses”. While knowing your customer and identifying your brand’s value are still relevant, we need to alter the context. The era of pointing out a problem in the consumer’s lives, one they were blissfully unaware of, and then magically popping out a solution is now gone.

If you want to build a strong community just talking about your brand values isn’t enough, consumers want you to help them live their values. Consumers want to make a difference, and they want brands to help them do so. Buyers are putting their money into businesses with a social mission, brands that want their customers to participate in the change-making process rather than merely observe it. And this is the very core of community building!

At #Gloo, we hand the reins to our customers. Thus, our community members build products along with the makers. As our members pore their suggestions and ponder questions along with the makers. We also have the “Gloo Patron Program” that rewards individuals for their skills & ideas. The patrons can contribute by writing, graphic designing, clicking pictures, giving business feedback, product testing, etc. For their insights & contributions, the patrons get a commission on the products sold.

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Sustainable principles

96% of people are a part of a passionate community because they believe they can make a difference. Today’s people think that doing things like donating, recycling, and shopping responsibly may change the world. Because of this, being a world changer is a crucial component of modern consumer identity and the key to building a strong community.

Encourage your community to honor their values (The best rule of community building)

Promoting your company’s commitment to sustainability or other charitable causes alone, nevertheless, isn’t enough. Instead of enabling the consumer in making a real difference, cause-related marketing, sustainability, and CSR initiatives advertise what the company is doing. Give your community the impression that buying your goods or using your services makes them heroes. From their point of purchase to the effect they will have on the world, draw a distinct, direct connection.

Create a hero connection through storytelling (Encouraging community building)

Storytelling is a very clever strategy for bringing customers into the worlds of their suppliers. Point-of-purchase marketing takes on the sense of activism when it allows customers to identify deeply with their brand’s objective.

The best narrative examples include an English woman farmer who supplies flowers for a business’s British Rose line. The amazing history of the Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association in Ghana in a series of videos on The Body Shop’s YouTube page. Workwearr’s Instagram account posts tips on how customers can recycle and fix their products.

Put your community at the forefront 

Purposeful purchasing allows consumers who identify as change-makers to see your product or service as an entry point to their mission. Customer engagement strategies are created for customers rather than by them, incorporating customer suggestions time and again would forge steel strong bonds. Finding ways you can position your buyer as a hero is thus crucial. When you incorporate the customer suggestions you change them from customers to community members.

Authenticity with the community members 

Be genuine. You don’t need to know every solution. Inform the community you have built when you are unsure of their questions. You may say, “I don’t know, but I’ll look into it,” for example. You must understand that your community is a dynamic, living entity. An open, healthy relationship is established through acknowledging your community, communicating with them, and genuinely listening to their thoughts.

Analyze and make your community better 

You’ll always look for methods to improve the community to meet its residents’ requirements. Plan renovations in stages and inform the neighborhood of the changes in advance.

Ultimately, community building is far beyond just customer marketing, it extends beyond acquiring community members. It aims to identify new markets and bring additional products or services suggested by the community. The entire essence of community building is retaining passionate people, developing them into advocates, and building a family together!

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