Best coffee festivals in India!

Coffee festivals serve as a medium for the exchange of experiences and discussion of various issues. They increase our expertise and thus lower the hurdles beginners face on the journey of specialty coffee. Coffee events are important as they develop a community that supports the production of high-quality sustainable coffee. Above all, they are the finest way to appreciate and indulge your passion for coffee. Thus they encourage the discovery of your coffee community through coffee festivals and chocolate.

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Here is a list of 7 Coffee festivals you can attend and look forward to in India!

1. IBSA Coffee Festival 2022

Date: Yet to be announced

Coffee Board of India
Mobile: 91-9343696969

The India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) is a trilateral cooperation forum. This coffee festival brings together South Africa, Brazil, and India. These are three sizable democracies and from three separate continents dealing with the same issues. All three partners are emerging economies, growing fast, for instance. IBSA is also dedicated to sustainable development. Because this will promote the welfare of its residents and other support developing countries.
The IBSA Summit is slated to take place in September.

2. Coffee Santhe, India’s Only Coffee Festival

This festival lasts for three days and is run by Women’s Coffee Alliance India (WCAI). It usually takes place in December. The coffee event first began in Bengaluru in 2014 and is still going strong there. Firstly, the Women’s Coffee Alliance has embraced the festival in collaboration with its American wing. Secondly, they use it to address problems affecting women in the coffee industry. Moreover, this festival aims to raise the standards of living for women employed on coffee estates.

3. The Coffee Harvest Festival


The Maverick & Farmer Company is the organizer of the Coffee Harvest Festival. Additionally, they are one of the few “farm-to-cup” coffee makers in India. They have around 140 acres of land in Coorg. The farmers harvest coffee. After that, they celebrate with coffee festivals and chocolate. In addition to the farmers, they want us to celebrate with them. Thus the coffee festival brings this celebration to you. They have concerts, cuisine, and coffee tastings, along with coffee seminars and much more.

4. World Tea & Coffee Expo-Mumbai


Date: 07 – 09 Dec 2022 (09:00 AM-06:00 PM)

Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India
Niketh Mandal
Tel: + 91 22 4255 4768 Mob: +91 9945216539

The World Tea & Coffee Expo, INDIA [WTCE] was created in 2013.  And they began the WTCE coffee festival. This coffee festival started an important B2B channel for networking amongst participants. Industrialists who participate get an opportunity to meet potential investors, share ideas, or launch in the market. Because of the support found many startups find support from well-known brands. WTCE thus provides an excellent platform to strengthen the coffee and tea market. They also support the existing one. The entire event is focused on coffee and tea encouraging innovation and novelty.

Exhibitor Registration Link:

Visitors can visit without registration.

5. Great Indian Food Festival

Chhole kulche, dal baati, and paani puri all come together to make up this festival. In addition, they have stalls that sell fresh coffee. Along side coffee fusions, other coffee beverages are also served here. Additionally, the Great Indian Food Festival is Delhi’s well-known cuisine event. Because it offers the most delectable street food to go alongside coffee. It is also very budget frendly and has free entry. Although not a traditional coffee festival this is still worth visiting.
Venue: Pitampura and Dilli Haat in New Delhi
Time: Typically, the festival takes place between November and January.

6. International Exhibition on Agriculture Equipment and Machinery


Date: 26 – 28 Aug 2022 (10:00 AM – 06:00 PM)

Venue: BIEC, Bengaluru, India

Mobile: +91-9319608806, 9899380104


AgriTech India is famous for showcasing goods from the agriculture and forestry industries. These goods include crops, grains, equipment, and above all, organic coffee! Farmers, wholesalers, and other stakeholders who wish to grow and diversify their business benefit from this festival. If you are just a coffee lover, without a business, you can still gain knowledge. However, above all, you can buy fresh organic coffee!

Registration link:

In conclusion, these are the 6 best coffee festivals to look out for. Do let us know what you think of the coffee festivals. If you have been to any other coffee festivals and chocolate events, do let us know!

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