18 Best-designed logos of all time!

You’ve found the ideal location if you’re looking for the best-designed logos created. Here, we compile our list of the best-designed logos ever created. Customers may view a company’s logo as its most significant touchpoint because they become emotionally attached to it.

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List of 16 best-designed logos

1. Apple Logo

The well-known Apple logo is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and reputable logos of our time. Designer Rob Janoff redesigned the 1976 logo, which featured Isaac Newton beside an apple tree, into the bitten apple image that is familiar to us today in 1977.

2. Nike

It is said that Davidson also crafted the logo to resemble a wing in honor of the Greek goddess of victory after whom Nike is named after. While the logo design was not an immediate hit, after years of successful branding efforts, Nike’s logo has become synonymous with innovation, inspiration, and sportsmanship.

3. Google

Ruth Kedar, an assistant professor at Stanford, was introduced to Brin and Page by a shared friend. They requested Kedar’s help in designing a few prototypes. She made many, but the eighth was the simplest thus far. In the end, Kedar aimed to demonstrate Google’s ability to develop into more than a simple search engine (hence the removal of the magnifying glass). Additionally, she reversed the conventional arrangement of the major colors to underline once again how unconventional Google was.

4. Pepsi

The red, white, and blue hues of Pepsi’s iconic design, the Pepsi Globe, which was first based on its bottle cap, were intended to evoke American patriotism during World War II.

5. Coca Cola

The corporation first portrayed professionalism, seriousness, class, power, and purity using a black-and-white color scheme. The soda company later employed the red and white color combination to represent passion, youth, energy, love, purity, and class.

Coca-Cola has revealed a revised version of its iconic logo that looks like an invisible hug. The new look is a component of the Coke trademark’s first new global brand platform in five years. This new brand idea, called real magic, is founded on the understanding that “magic resides in unexpected moments of connection that elevate every day into the extraordinary.”

6. Instagram

Instagram’s app icon has always been the company’s logo and is one of the best-designed logos. Since Instagram has always been an app, this may not seem very noteworthy, but the fact that this tiny camera has served as the company’s icon throughout its rapid expansion is really important.

7. Mercedes

Because the three-pointed star of Mercedes had personal significance to the proprietors at the time, they decided to utilize it as their brand symbol. It also denotes something made of land, water, and air. The coloring on the Mercedes-Benz star gives it character and makes one think of a three-dimensional metallic form with all of its angles and glimmers.

8. Disney

Many of the company’s numerous ventures all share the basic elements of the “Walt Disney” wordmark logo. The founder’s autograph is there, along with some calligraphic flourishes, such as the Disney “D” (that looks more like a G to some). There are what appear to be pretzels all over the letter “I.” These subtle details spark the imagination and create a feeling of magic, making them ideal for children and adults with fond memories.

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9. Marvel

The first Marvel logo mirrors the Timely Comics brand. A shield-like structure encloses it. The company’s visual identity was established in the 2000s after the distinct red and white logo was unveiled. The logo was somewhat modified for Marvel Studios, by including the second portion of the nameplate, the brand.

10. Toblerone

For many reasons, the Toblerone emblem is a good example of the best-designed logo. First of all, it’s a location-inspired logo. It consists of a wordmark and a specific mountain, the Matterhorn. A difficult-to-detect optical illusion exists in the logo as well.    A bear is hidden within the Toblerone mountain. Such clever strategies can effectively increase brand awareness and boost marketing.

11. Tesla

Unsurprisingly, the logo has a futuristic appearance, and at first glance, it appears to be just a stylish “T.” The logo, according to the company’s founder, is “a cross-section of an electric motor.” Tesla’s logo incorporates the first letter of the corporation and then adds branding, just like other well-known brand logos.

12. Chanel

The Chanel logo deserves to be referred to as one of the best because it has a style that is liked and regarded as a fashionable status symbol. The Chanel emblem has never altered and emanates the same refinement as the founding designer—Coco Chanel—just like the French fashion house’s timelessly elegant and stylish aesthetic. The two overlappings, opposite-facing Cs are thought to stand for her name. The logo’s monochromatic design reflects the effortless style seen in her fashion. It also pays homage to the brand’s consistent use of geometric shapes and simple lines, as seen in some of its most recognizable bags, for instance.

13. Penguin

It’s a well-known legend of how Penguin came to be. La ne, The Bodley Head’s publishing director at the time, wanted to create an affordable but goselectionion of books. In his book Penguin by Design, Phil Baines claims that he came up with the concept of “publishing cheap, good-looking reproductions of fiction and non-fiction in paperback.” Lane required a name, a logo, and a style for his new paperbacks. The publishing company The Albatross Library, according to The Guardian, provided the inspiration for him to choose an animal. Joan Coles, a secretary, suggested the idea, and Lane and his brothers agreed Penguin Books would be the name of the business. Penguin

14. Starbucks

When you see this recognizable emblem, it’s almost as if you can smell the coffee or hear a barista pronounce your name incorrectly. Starbucks has significantly altered the way we consume coffee, which is synonymous with its creative branding. Although the first logo has undergone a few revisions from the beginning, the core concept remained the same. The emblem logo which contains a twin-tailed mermaid, also known as a Siren from Greek mythology, has become an icon.

15. McDonald”s

best-designed logos

The famous golden arches emblem drives the “’50s drive-in” look of the brand over its distinguishing red background. Because McDonald’s has used it so frequently, it is an image that is consistent with its brand.

16. The Olympics

best-designed logos

The Olympics logo is a fantastic example of cross-cultural design. The designers selected a symbolic emblem that would be the same across cultures. How can you accomplish this? Make sure your usage of colors, forms, icons, and figures does not reflect offensive ideas in other cultures.

17. FedEx

best-designed logos

You might not be aware of it, but the recognizable FedEx logo has a secret image that, once discovered, you cannot unsee. You’ll notice an arrow that perfectly encapsulates the brand and its ideals sandwiched between the ‘E’ and the ‘x’ in the negative space.

18. Mastercard

best-designed logos

The Interbank Card Association, which was founded in 1966, has transformed into the recognizable Venn-diagram (or interlocking) circles in red and orange that serve as the Master card emblem. It’s a superb example of a logo that has undergone very few, modest alterations over time. Its consistency and simplicity are what make it so well-known.


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