Best Collabration Tools for Product Designers 2022

Working with the appropriate product design tools greatly simplifies the process of being creative, which can be difficult at times. You participate in all stages of the product design process as a designer, most likely. There are too many requests, ASAP tasks, and urgent problems for you and your staff to handle. Most likely, you’ve already searched online, but there is a lot of data. It would be incredibly helpful if you learn which tools actually make a difference during product design. Here is our curated list of 10 Collabration product designing tools that actually works for YOU as a designer!

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1. Mural (virtual whiteboard)

These are interactive whiteboards with digital sticky notes where groups may collaborate and vote on the best solution while a clock ticks down. Both online applications can be used to lead workshops like Design Sprints, Strategy Workshops, MVP design workshops, Brainstorming sessions with clients, or remote team reviews. Mural offers a one-month free trial, while Miro has a free plan.

USP: White board plus meeting platform. Additionally you are provided with, sticky notes, title, text box, comment, shapes, frame work, connectors, icons and drawings.

Honest Reviews

1. Mural easily tackles the problem of collabration! (7 out of 10)

“At our company Mural is used as a collaborative software among agile squads in order to develop customer journey maps, to draft communications destined to clients and to have brainstorming sessions and agile events where everyone can give their input.”

2. It is tideous to resize, insert tables, and frames! (4 out of 10)

“As good as Mural is, adjusting canvas size is really tideous, there could be predetermined templates

Inserting tables and insert frames are equally difficult.”

2.      Basecamp (Collabration product designing tool)

Collabration product designing tools

One of the most popular project management and team collaboration platforms used by small and developing businesses worldwide is Basecamp. It provides users with all the capabilities a good project management application should have, including the ability to start a real-time group chat, create to-do lists, schedule projects, store and share project-related files and documents, and more.

For its client-focused user interfaces and functionality, it gains popularity. The best option for small enterprises is this one.

USP: Client-focused user interfaces and functionality

Honest Reviews

1. Basecamp is popular because it just works! (9 out of 10)

“Basecamp is popular because it just works. It’s simple, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to understand, it’s clear, it’s reliable, and it’s dependable. We’ll continue to make it more of all of those things.”

2. Basecamp always has some or the other security issue and storing data on the cloud! (7 out of 10)

“Basecamp does not have features like creation of Gantt charts and task interdependencies. Additonally, there is always some or the other security issue and storing data on the cloud.”

3.      Figma

Figma is a cloud-based programme with a free account. For you, what does it mean? You can use Windows or a Mac to work and simultaneously work with other designers.

You can extend an invitation to individuals from outside the organisation, such as clients. It is really important to you. Your collaborators are always able to monitor your work and provide you with timely feedback through comments. But the app only functions when you’re connected to the internet. When you finish your work, make backups if you choose to utilise Figma.

USP: Usability on both Windows and Mac. Easy backups, and monitoring.

Honest Reviews

1. Figma is our daily driver to make UI designs for web and mobile! (10 out of 10)

“Figma is our daily driver for making wireframes to full-blown UI designs for web and mobile. We also use it to make the prototypes and to hand over all the assets to our developers and clients.”

2. Figma always has some or the other security issue and storing data on the cloud! (7 out of 10)

” Adding images in design feels little tricky sometimes as I am more used to Photoshop and Xd. Prototyping is little difficult compared to invision. Its diificult compared to some other design tools.”

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4.      Sketch

Collabration product designing tools

The use of Sketch App elevates product design. One item, such as a button, can be created and referenced. Why is it crucial? Every time you alter the primary symbol, the references alter as well. Developers carry out comparable tasks. The Sketch app offers an open code library as well. Magic may occur when the Developer and the Designer collaborate.

USP: Items, can be created and referenced. Best part is, everytime you alter the primary symbol, the references alter as well

Honest Reviews

1. Planning, designing, wire-framing and prototyping. Single tool for all! (10 out of 10)

“I am using Sketch for all designing and prototyping-related work for my company (Octrax Systems). We are Web and App development company, so for all clients from starting to show user flow till real screens of Apps/Web, everything we are here designing in Sketch.”

2. Sketch is only available for MAC…its better if it would have an online version too. ! (7 out of 10)

” It is only available for MAC…its better if it would have an online version too. The community of Sketch is not big enough, sometimes its a struggle to get help from the internet. It is also a bit difficult to connect screens as compared to other 3rd party tools.”

5.      Balsamiq

When creating something new, you are aware that it will never be finished in one go, you will need to revise and re-revise. You can build wireframes, prototypes, and mockups with Balsamiq. And you can also as track all the versions and comments on each iteration separately, in one location.

USP: Hand drawn style wireframes, easy to use, good selection of shapes with real world fields/controls.

Honest Reviews

1. Balsamiq is an excellent tool for prototyping interfaces! (9 out of 10)

” It is an excellent product that makes it very easy to quickly produce high quality mock ups and prototypes. It is used in the development team of the IT services department.”

2. Blasamiq is somewhat expensive for full commercial licences! (8 out of 10)

6.      iDoc (Collabration product designing tool)

Collabration product designing tools

With the help of the well-liked all-in-one online design collaboration tool known as iDoc, designers, developers, and product managers can import, prototype, test, share, and handoff web and app designers with automated specs, assets, and code snippets.

The product team can easily upload and preview files from Axure/JustinMind/Mockplus/Office/Excel, hand off designs, and manage team members. The product team can import designs from Sketch/PS/XD, create UI flows and interactive prototypes, check and download design assets/specs/code snippets, and upload and preview files from Sketch/PS/XD. It’s also worthwhile to try out its sophisticated team and project management tool.

USP: The product team can easily upload and preview files from Axure/JustinMind/Mockplus/Office/Excel.

Honest Reviews

1. iDoc is highly-visualized and easy to operate! (10 out of 10)

iDoc supports the setting of interactive animation, return links by one-click, the creation of hotspot and real-time preview with various device frame to choose. It’s highly-visualized and easy to operate.”

2. In almost all cases a file based interface is the wrong choice! (7 out of 10)

” In almost all cases a file based interface is the wrong choice, the problems they create from a support perspective are huge”

7.      Mockplus

Collabration product designing tools

Designers and product managers can easily develop, test, share, and iterate interactive prototypes with the help of Mockplus, a straightforward, quick, and intelligent prototyping tool. It provides design teams with an unique team collaboration option to test, discuss, and swiftly receive feedback while easily editing and improving a design project online.

Your design process will be effectively sped up and made easier by its strong features, such as the robust icon library, component library, component style library, page library, and sample library.

USP: Interactive hi-fi prototypes, measure design elements, generate code snippets, download assets.

Honest Reviews

1. This software is very easy to use for UI/UX design! (10 out of 10)

“This software is very easy to use for UI/UX design. I have used other softwares that were very difficult to edit and navigate and this software is great for beginners in the UI/UX world.”

2. You have to pay in order to get full functionality! (7 out of 10)

“You have to pay in order to get full functionality. Additionally, multiple people cannot work on the same project simultaneously.”

8.      InVision (Collabration product designing tool)

Collabration product designing tools

Another application for prototyping that lets designers import designs and make clickable prototypes is InVision. It allows designers to easily collaborate online by uploading designs, interacting, and gathering comments. For instance, a design team can oversee all of its projects from a single dashboard if necessary.

However, InVision doesn’t include a part where designers may directly construct interfaces or other aspects. In addition, designers also must constantly construct and fine-tune their designs using Photoshop or Sketch. In addition after that, upload them to InVision to create group or individual presentations for interactions or designs.

USP: Studio for screen design and interactive prototyping.

Honest Reviews

1. InVision delivers an entire suite of tools in a single subscription! (10 out of 10)

“InVision delivers an entire suite of tools in a single subscription: Freehand for wireframing and real-time collaboration.”

2. It makes a bit hard to create new screens for the ideas! (7 out of 10)

” It does not support online screen design with tools. It makes a bit hard to create new screens for the ideas. “

9.      Moqups

Moqups is an application that is very useful in creating, collaborating, and sharing mockups, wireframes, and prototypes. In other words, it enables users to do this easily. Above all it provides excellent integration for designers with services like Slack, Google Drive, Google Fonts, Dropbox, etc.

USP: Combines whiteboard, diagram, and design features in a single, online app.

Honest Reviews

1. My overall experience with this software was excellent! (10 out of 10)

“My overall experience with this software was excellent. In other words, his software has made it easier for me to write my project management reports by allowing me to customize and design my own flowcharts and diagrams”

2. Selecting every element one by one and editing is troublesome! (7 out of 10)

“Selecting every element one by one and editing with the drag and drop editor can be time-consuming and troublesome.”

10. Wrike

Collabration product designing tools

Wrike is a scalable cloud-based project management and communication tool. Therefore, any team or organization can divide up enormous projects into manageable chunks for better tracking and management.

Similarly, it designs a tree-like structure aids in flawlessly organizing jobs and subtasks, establishing a distinct hierarchy, and improving UX.

USP: Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts. Full-Featured Online Project Manager.

Honest Reviews

1. Wrike is very easy to use! (10 out of 10)

Wrike is very easy to use. it is very intuitive. on top of that, there are interactive videos that give you good introduction to how to use it. ”

2. Wrike is very expensive and out of reach of most startups! (7 out of 10)

“It is more expensive per user than most other project management apps in the market.”

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