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The Ultimate Sauce Ragnarok – end of your dipping quest!

Sauce stains, messy fingers, and used napkins are three indications of a delicious meal. If life is meaningless without emotions, food is tasteless without sauces. Don’t agree? Hear me out. Even the driest dish has some or the other mixture of curd, butter, and herbs drizzled on it. The healthiest of salads have dressing and the meanest of pastries have sugar glaze. And I know this can be debated upon, but what is frosting if not a thick buttercream sauce? Well, that’s what custard has traditionally been. Additionally, you are here, aren’t you? There is no denying your love for dips, sauces, and chutneys now. So stay tuned to know about sauces, their history, what the French called “the mother of sauces”, and our list of top 10 most flavorful sauces.

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The Humble Origins of ‘Sauce’

The term sauce has its roots in the French language. Sauce means savoury added to the food to make it more delicious. It is liquid or semi-liquid in form and is either added to or served with food. Generally thick in consistency, the term sauce is often substituted with gravy in England and Commonwealth countries. Despite the term being coined in France or England, the concept originated from ancient Rome. All the way back in 200 AD, the Romans started using high concentrations of condiments and cream to mask the flavours of possibly spoiling food. When in doubt about the freshness, just add some sauce. Not very appetizing, I know. But the concept became so popular that a very strong fish sauce called “the liquamen” was factory produced in cities throughout the Roman Empire. It was not until the beginning of the 16th century that the French discovered sauce. They even have a creator for sauce Robert. His sauce is called the Robert sauce.

The Mother of all sauces

The French have what they call the mother of all sauces. They believe there are five basic sauces from which all sauces have originated.

  • Bechamel Sauce
  • Veloute Sauce ( meat or fish stock, flour, and butter)
  • Espagnole Sauce(Vegetables, tomatoes, spices, beef glaze)
  • Hollandaise Sauce ( Used for basing meat or fish)
  • Tomato Sauce
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Top 10 most delicious sauces

Sauces prevent the food from drying out; they maximize the flavor and add juiciness. Sauces also add aesthetic touches like the mirror glaze. Here are the top 10 most consumed delicious sauces from across the globe. Bon appetite!

Hot Sauce

A very spicy, tangy variation of sauce, this can be paired with anything and everything. One of the most famous and consumed sauces worldwide hot sauces made appearances on enumerable comedies and reality shows. The level of spice varies from brand to brand. One of the most recognizable names in India is the Tabasco sauce.

Barbeque Sauce

Barbeque or BBQ sauce is most consumed in America and many other European nations on a very large scale. It is used to rub or marinate meat, pork, fish, and chicken before grilling them on a barbeque machine.

Tomato Sauce

Made from tomato puree and added sugar this is one of the most consumed sauces in India with variations. Popularly called ketchup, this red tangy comfort has found its way into people’s plates as well as hearts.

Soya Sauce

Originating in china and japan soya sauce is the heart of so many delicacies from noodles to Sushi. Made from fermenting soya beans in water for several days and then steaming them, the deep black liquid has now found its place in American as well as Indian cuisine.

Mustard Sauce

Mustard sauce is a thick yellow sauce made from mustard, obviously. It comes in form of a thick paste and is used in stir-frying as well as a dip. It is most commonly combined with hot dogs and hamburgers. However, most of it is had with American fried foods and pieces of bread.


Another popular white sauce and as much a household name as ketchup, mayonnaise is often paired with sandwiches, rolls, and wraps. It is made from eggs, cream, vinegar, and oil. Nowadays, mayonnaise can also be found in a veg version.

Fresh Green Pesto

Pesto is a variation of the Indian chutney. However, this one is made from oil, fresh basils, chilli, and salt. The fresh taste makes anything taste delicious. Pesto has unchallenged origins in Italy.

Teriyaki Sauce

This sour and sweet sauce is the heart of so many dishes across the globe that you can pair it with salads too! It can be converted as a dipping sauce, a pour-over, or a rub for meat.

Sour Cream (Blue-green cheese)

Primarily paired with warm crusty bread, this particular dipping can also be used with vegetables and meat. Nowadays it has become a classic, being paired with chips at night overs and we are all here for it!

Blueberry Sauce

There was no way we could have concluded this list without indulging in the devil’s delights i.e blueberry sauce. This sauce is most enjoyed during American thanksgivings, no thanksgiving meal is complete without it.
All though we have now reached the end of our list, there is so much more to write and read about sauces. And we are just getting started! Watch out for our blogs if you want to read more about them.

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