Best Korean Skincare Tips for “Glass Skin”

If you are a skincare enthusiast or someone who has an internet connection, you must be aware of Korean skincare. K-pop and K-drama were yesterday, Korean glass skin is today! The Korean routine has gone so viral that everyone is sharing tips and videos of their Korean skincare DIYs. We are so excited and completely here for it. Below are our best Korean Skincare Tips for the “Glass Skin”. Do join our community for great discussions and skincare tips. 

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What is the Glass Skin?

Best-Korean skincare tips for glass skin

Glass skin as the name suggests is bright, dewy skin full of glow. The skin is smooth, baby-soft with minimal makeup.

Is it Beneficial for the Skin?

According to dermatologists, Korean skincare focuses on achieving glowy blemish-free skin by intensely hydrating and healing. 

 Best Korean Skincare Tips for the Glass Skin

Two-step cleansing

Best korean skincare tips for glass skin

According to the Korean skincare regime, it is important to thoroughly remove dirt, makeup, and bacteria. They wash the skin and remove makeup first with an oil-based cleanser followed by foam based one. 

If you have dry skin you can use VLCC cleansing milk, new L’Oreal cleansing milk, or any cleansing milk you like. That’s your first step. You can also use the Garnier micellar water if you have oily skin. 

The second step is to use any gentle foaming skin cleanser to wash the cleansing milk and remaining debris from the skin. 


Best korean skincare tips for glass skin

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin and debris. Exfoliating agents are of two types physical and chemical. Physical once like walnut scrub were used for a long time but recent reports have suggested that they cause micro-tears to skin. 

Chemical exfoliants cause the skin to peel away without tearing. Salicylic acid and lactic acid are mild skin exfoliants that can be used twice a week. AHA and BHA are strong and should not be used more than once a week. 

Sheet Masks

Best korean skincare tips for the glass skin

Sheet masks are the salon at hand. They are filled with all the goodness of serum and are extremely hydrating. Sheet masks are of various types and for various ailments. Pick anyone you want. 

Hydrating Toner

Best korean skincare tips for glass skin

Toners are a great way to lock the nutrition into our skin and to ensure that makeup sets up. Toners are known to be drying but not all. The trick is to choose a very hydrating serum like the one that has vitamin C or hyaluronic acid. The ones with rose water or milk and Chandan are good organic options. 

Hydrating serum

Best korean skincare tips for Glass skin

Face serums are amazing, no questions. In the Korean routine, hyaluronic acid is a must. If you want that dewy skin that glows apply hyaluronic acid and pair it with vitamin c or any other favorite serum.

Light Moisturizer

Best korean skincare tips for glass skin

Using a light moisturizer will effectively lock all the moisture in your skin keeping it clear and radiant. Make sure it’s not too heavy. Using a gel-based one like the Neutrogena super light moisturizer can be helpful. 

Sunscreen / Tinted sunscreen (SPF 50)

VLCC Sunscreen

Since the Korean routine focuses on exfoliation it is necessary to apply sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 50 or higher to protect the skin. You can also use tinted sunscreen if you want to skip another layer of foundation. 

Keep following the routine for a few weeks. Let your skin soak in all the nourishment and care. Done? Now look in the mirror, you have skin as smooth as a glass. 

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