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Moka Pot guide- Everything you need to know!

Your favorite coffee fanatics/ guides are back! And today we are going to talk about something quite popular in the world of fresh coffee enthusiasts, the Moka Pot! Moka pot is the coffee brewing equipment that can provide you with near espresso-like coffee provided you are skilled enough to use it. The brewing requires a certain degree of technique and understanding but if you love experimentation and control over the strength of your brew Moka pot is for you. It gives you a creamy texture and a strong flavor which can go well with milk. Without further delay, we present you with our Moka Pot guide- Everything you need to know! If you want to know in detail about coffee brewing you can refer to our The Best Guide for Coffee making at home!

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What is Moka Pot?

Moka Pot- Everything you need to know!

Moka pot is a stovetop or electric coffee brewing equipment which works by passing hot pressurized steam and water through the grind coffee beans. It was invented by Italian scientist and engineer Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. He and his Bialetti enterprise started selling them across Italy, and Europe and slit reached USA during II world war. Today it is a staple across Italy and the Bialetti’s have patented their original equipment, they call it the Moka express. 

How does it work?

Moka Pot- Everything you need to know!

Between 2009 and 2018 scientists obsessively performed experiments and wrote papers about the Moka pot. They have utilized the ideal gas law and Darcy’s law to find out that water vapor pressure and expanding gas due to the heat causes coffee to extract from the beans. You don’t need actual boiling water for that. The coffee is extracted under high pressure hence it tastes similar to espresso but since the pressure is very low comparatively the brew has unique notes compared to espresso

Where to use it? 

Moka pot is made of stainless steel and depending on the model, it can be put on the stove or plugged into a socket. The stovetop models are induction safe. All the Moka pots are handy enough to be carried around and used when camping.

What Roast and Grind Size?

Medium to Dark roast and fine grid ( Coarser than espresso)

Moka Pot Brewing Technique

Moka Pot- Everything you need to know!

  1. Baristas and scientists alike suggest preheating the water to 70°C and filling the base (part A) almost completely till the valve for optimum results. Do not pour boiling water or cold water into the base.  
  2. Use fine ground coffee but slightly coarser than the espresso grind. If you grind it too thin the vapor will pass through the beans too quickly, resulting in a weak taste. (If you want to know more about coffee grind sizes and what roast The Best Guide for Coffee making at home!)
  3. How tightly you pack your coffee also impacts the taste. For 3 cups of water, use 14gms of coffee. Spread it evenly by gently tapping once but do not tamp. If the powder is packed tightly the water vapors and pressure will leave far more quickly than we want. 
  4. Screw part C on top and place on low heat. Make sure the lid is not closed so you can watch the extractor. 
  5. Once coffee stars spurting in part c lower the flame and place for an additional 40 seconds on the stove. Removing it is important to avoid over-extraction and bitter flavor.
  6. Remove from the stove and wait for the coffee to settle in part c. 
  7. Pour it into the mug and enjoy! You can either drink it black or add warm milk your choice. 

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