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As the founder of VeganDukan I want you to ask any questions related to veganism or vegan transitioning. This is a safe space for vegans and vegan-curious alike. All reviews & opinions are welcome

Akhil SinghNell

3 Patrons + 36 Members

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VeganDukan is an online platform to bring vegan and conscious businesses together to cater to the increasing demand for ethical consumption.
Here listed all the products are Vegan means no animal products including Honey, Milk, Flesh, Silk, Leather, Pearls etc. are used in making them or tested on animals. We store many vegan products to make the experience seamless and deliveries faster.
However, you can expect same quality of delivery through the products sold on marketplace as well.
We take end to end responsibility for the seller and customer experience.

We are team of vegans and some are transitioning vegans. We believe in what we are doing and always there to help.